` Teens Against Drugs (TAD)

Peotone High School:
Principal - Mrs. Deanna Oliver
605 West North Street
Peotone, IL 60468

Phone: 708-258-3236
Fax: 708-258-6991

Teens Against Drugs (TAD)

   Teens Against Drugs
Teens Against Tobacco Use

Brief description of club/activity: T.A.D./T.A.T.U. is a club that promotes drug awareness and education. Students decorate a float for the Homecoming parade, promote Red Ribbon week in October and do presentations sponsored by the Will County Health Department on living a drug & tobacco free life to the fourth grade classes in District 207-U.

Eligibility Requirements: Students must attend meetings regularly. If a student misses 3 or more meetings, he or she is no longer eligible to participate in T.A.D. /T.A.T.U. sponsored activities & field trips.

Time Commitment: Various times throughout the school year for meetings and T.A.D. /T.A.T.U. sponsored events & field trips.

Meets: Meetings are held on Thursdays at 7:45 a.m. in the Media Center.

Fees: $20 activity fee that is mandated by District 207-U plus a $5.00 club fee. This money is due at the beginning of each school year. There will also be additional fees for other T.A.D. /T.A.T.U. sponsored events & field trips.

Procedure for Joining: Must attend the first meeting of the year, pay the mandatory activity and club fee and sign the T.A.D. /T.A.T.U. Drug & Tobacco Free Commitment form.

Membership Limit: None

Sponsor:  Mr. Aaron Fiehn

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